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Mojo + Elvis = MELvis

He make de river call him lover...

Mojo Rios
6 March 1960
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He had that rare weird electricity about him - that extremely wild and heavy presence that you only see in a person who has abandoned all hope of ever behaving "normally."
- Hunter S. Thompson

mojo rios
2012, 2600, activism, aldous huxley, alternative energy sources, alternative lifestyles, apocolypse, artistic nudes, back to basics, being naked, being ready, belize, bio-nerds, blues, bombproof rolls, burning flipside, burningman, cannibis indica, canning, chaos theory, chemistry, chickens, christ michael, climbing, community, community building, computers, costa rica, critical thinking, deism, delta-t, diving, doing gods will, drying food, entheogens, eskimo rolls, existentialism, exotic women, extreme simplicity, farming, fishing, five acres, food storage, foraging, freaks, freedom, freezing food, fruits & veggies, funk, gardening, george orwell, girls, global climate change, goats, hacking, harmonica, harmonicas, hk-91, hk91, homesteading, infinity, intentional communities, intentional community, interracial relationships, jack kerouac, john titor, kayaking, kayaks, kevin smith, linus torvalds, linux, living on less, love and life, marijuana, mexico, midwayers, mountain biking, mulatto, music, music and bands, mysticism, nature, nebadon, nodites, oceans, one acre, peak oil, people who get it, performance art, performing music, petite, peyote, philosophy, photography, photomanipulation, photoshop, phreaking, playboating, playboats, poly-amory, polyamory, pursuit of knowledge, rabbits, rain, readiness, renewable energy, roadtrips, rolls, sailing, salvador dali, saving the world, secondary midwayers, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, sex, sexuality, shelter, shrooms, singing, smart women, solar energy, solar ovens, solar panels, solar power, spelunking (caving), summer, survival, sustainability, talking to strangers, talking until sunrise, the country, the doors, the ocean, thermodynamics, thunderstorms, tools, toolwerks, travel, tree huggers, two acres, urantia, urantia book, video editing, water, webcrayon, weegee, whitewater, wind power, working together, zen