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Video Production

Well I'm TRYING to get back in the saddle for video editing and shooting... finished a couple of video's for http://www.ChangeAustin.Org as well as started a YouTube Channel. http://www.yourtube.com/austindigitalfilm

I've got a new company name now... Austin Digital Film. Upgraded my editing software, both on the Macintosh side ( FCP ) as well as the PC ( Sony Vegas Pro 8 )

The last few weeks have been busy, shooting these video's as well as a Harmonica instruction video with Michael Rubin.

Be WATCHING for the TWO DVD set....

Michael Rubin's Meat and Potatoes of Harminica...

It's a basic instructional DVD that takes you from a beginner to an intgermediate harmonica player. Sick is the guitar and accompaniament and it feature Michael Rubin on Harmonica... ( NO I AM NOT IN IT, I am the producer, shooter and editor )

Trying to stay busy, but getting serious about finding a software job...

meanwhile I think I'll go KAYAKING in San Marcos...

speaking of that, I have an UNDERWATER HOUSING for my DVCAM and I aint afraid to use it...

underwater reel available on request...

mojo rios


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Jul. 29th, 2011 01:53 am (UTC)
If you're trying to do an animated cartoon, Sony Vegas does not deliver. I'm just saying. I tried it. You'd be better off buying extra software for that job.
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